Personal Care

We pride ourselves on the quality of caregivers we choose to work with our clients. In additi​on to hands-on personal care in all that is required by the individual's condition, the home health aide's responsibilities include whatever housekeeping and organization is needed to maintain a safe and healthy living environment. Our providers will also drive and/or accompany the client into the community to shop, work, go to school and enjoy recreational opportunities, as needed. Certified in all that is required and more, our personal care assistants are chosen on the basis of their understanding of the job requirements, their ability to take direction as needed, as well as reliability, sincere concern for the client, and general overall attitude and congeniality in the workplace.​

Remote Support

Our patient-centric remote monitoring solution uses a variety of sensors to promote patients’ safety and health. This vital information is used to coordinate care, and contact emergency personnel in the case of an event such as a fall, or any other life threatening condition.

We are committed to providing the greatest measure of safety and peace of mind for our client and their family through our remote monitoring services. This could include certain electronic warning devices for the hearing and visually impaired, remote surveillance equipment such as cameras and other emergency response systems tailored to meet the individual's unique needs and circumstances.​​​

Assistive Technology

We allow individuals to connect with care givers or emergency services when needed. Our assistive devices are equipped with Voice and Video Services, such as Amazon’s Alexa, making their operation intuitive.


Administrative Assistant

Patient Care Associate

Ohio At Home is seeking applicants for the position of Patient Care Associate, a service role involving tasks of daily living, behavioral and emotional support, community involvement and direct patient care. Key traits for a successful Patient Care Associate are patience, kindness, teamwork, a passion for service, and an eagerness to learn.

Remote Support Associate

Ohio At Home Healthcare Agency is seeking applicants for the Remote Support Associate position to provide monitoring services remotely to our clients.

Client Services Coordinator

About Us

We care for children and adults who have developmental disabilities, and who depend upon others to fulfill their life potential. Our team of care professionals specializes in providing quality care as we create partnerships with the clients' families, as well as with their teachers, employers, medical teams, and all the other functioning components that give each client his/her place within the community. Insofar as possible, our goal is to give reliable, broad-based care for physical and emotional needs as we encourage them to be aware of their surroundings, the beauty of nature, and to understand their connection with the environment. We look to expand our clients' world by exploring and expressing their own gifts and talents.

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This contact page is not intended for emergency purposes.​ If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please go to your nearest medical facility emergency room or call 911. ​​

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